Estate Winery - Bed & Breakfast
"To Friends, To Family, & To the Good Earth !"
    We're frequently asked how we
came to be in the wine business.
always blame it on the wine kit I
Steve for our first Christma
s together.  
We lived in a small apartment.  I'd come
home from
work to the smell of grape
fermenting in the kitchen or be
attacked by fruit flies at the entrance.
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Owners Sandy & Steve Palmer
"I feel Blessed.
So many men
and woman
search and
search but never
find their
passion, their
sense of mission
that would ignite
their hearts and
fill their lives
with meaning
and joy."
interested in making, tasting, or drinking wine anywhere we traveled.  
And we've always been lucky enough to find friends with similar

    We bought some land in 1975 in Washington county and
planted our first vineyard. We sold most of the grapes to other
wineries, of course keeping the best fruit for our basement
production. Although the passion still grew so did our family
and we decided to sell the vineyard in the early '80's and put
wine growing on the back burner for a while.
    The rebirth began in 1994, although the home wine making
never stopped
. After an extensive search for just the right land and
location. We purchased the present Madison Vineyards, which
was an old cattle farm, and began to plant our roots. We planted
an initial five acres which has grown every year since. With the
help of close friends and family we have cultivated our vines and
perfected our wine making to produce award winning wines. This
winery began when we finally decided that it was time to live a
dream rather than dream of life.
    We still ask ourselves why. It's not easy and sometimes
makes us crazy
.  It is not a "get rich quick plan", but a wonderful
way of life. When we have a chance to sit on the deck and toast
the sunset, or bottle another estate wine that we planted by hand,
nurtured and harvested through sweat and tears
, it all makes
sense. We hope you will escape to Madison Vineyards and
watch the sunset from the deck, or a bunny and deer cross the
field, or the birds train for harvest. In the word of my sister-in-
law, "It's good for the soul".
    Building the vineyard and winery has been a great
experience. Every year adds a new chapter to our story.
Brothers, Sister, Mothers, Nieces, Nephews, Son and now
Daughter, and of course great Friends all have helped us
tremendously by woodworking, planting, picking, pruning,
marketing, suckering and running the tasting room. Steve came
up with a toast the first year we planted that we used as a sort of
"'vineyard blessing".
 It continues to express our heartfelt thanks,
"To Friends, To Family & To the Good Earth!".
    We invite you to come and share in our dream and taste true
quality, regional, estate wines.
     Later we bought a house with a
basement and the
wine making
continued.  We had always been
Once Upon A Time...
-Sandy Palmer & Family